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Read what a selection of our customers says about us

Our tumble dryer broke down at a really awkward time and we needed it fixed urgently. We got Billy’s phone number from a neighbour and he arrived promptly to fix it. Thanks once again for your services.
Billy from BR Domestic Appliance Specialist arrived within an hour of my call and fixed my washing machine. It only took him 45 minutes to have it back up and running, so it was a job well done.
Finding someone who could fix our Dyson hoover quickly was proving to be difficult. Thankfully we got Billy’s number from a friend who’d had theirs fixed. He arrived within 45 minutes and luckily had the spare part in his van. Happy days!
It’s always a hassle when one of our appliances breaks down or needs to be serviced. Thankfully Billy from BR Domestic Appliances is on hand to help us out. We’ve been using him for many years and he’s yet to let us down.